Booking an appointment

All appointments take between 45 to 60 minutes. Cost – £35.

There is additional fee of £5 for the first session. This is because the case history and patient details, as well as primary examinations need to be taken. Please allow 10 – 15 more minutes for the first session.

Please note that I currently accept cash and cheque payments only.


During the appointment the practitioner takes a complex questionnaire to assess your overall health state. An examination of certain body areas (such as legs, arms, face, back or abdomen) might follow. It is advised that for your appointment you wear comfortable, loose clothing, otherwise in order to perform the necessary examination you might be asked to remove tight clothing items (please avoid wearing skinny jeans and tight-fitting non-stretch clothing).

Please inform the practitioner in advance if you are pregnant, have a bleeding disorder, needle phobia or have any special assistance needs.


Home visit appointments for less mobile patients in 5 mile radius from Crawley are also available. Please note that there is £10 additional charge for a home visit.

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Please book the treatment through one of the following:


Landline: 01293 551 737

Call/ text mobile: 07415 775 879