About Maria Karabova

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Maria Karabova

My name is Maria Karabova. I am a BAcC registered, fully licensed acupuncture practitioner.

I was born and raised in Bratislava, Slovakia. Having spent a big part of my childhood at doctor’s office, not knowing what the problem was, I always understood that modern medicine, however advanced, is not enough for some conditions. This is why I have developed a keen interest in alternative therapies early in my teen age.

I explored many therapies – massage, dietetics, allopathy, Reiki, mindfulness and meditation. I believe that a combination of these is the key to unlocking our self-healing potential, eradicating illness and living a happy, fulfilling life.

Thanks to my background of alternative and complementary therapies and my resolve to help others, I have signed up for a 3-year Bachelor’s degree acupuncture course at ICOM in East Grinstead. For me, this course was a life-changing experience.

By the time I graduated, I was more inspired, determined and motivated to achieve my goal than ever, and I have decided to make use of this enthusiasm and open my own practice as soon as I qualified. At the age of 24 I dived deep into developing my experience and started off with a part-time multi-bed practice in Slovakia, where I come from. Over there I gained most of my post-graduation knowledge. I have treated children, adults and elderly, patients after several operations, pregnant women, sportspersons, as well as people with multiple diagnoses and medications.

Soon enough, I built up the experience and confidence to open a practice in the UK, and I am hoping to help people in Crawley on their way to health.